Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kit USA Online. Where can I buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits online? Magic Mushroom Grow Kits for sale USA. Do you want to cultivate magic mushrooms and make it yourself as easy as possible?

Bringing you the best mushrooms

Since starting a mushroom farm in 2012 we have been committed to all things mushrooms, Mushroom Grow Kits, Mushroom Supplements. It’s like they have taken over our brains (have they?)

Connecting you with Mushrooms

Mushrooms have so MUSH to offer us. Mushroom supplements, growing mushrooms, eating mushrooms, however you want to work with them we are here to help. What is important to us is that it is always 100% mushrooms. 

Our mushroom

The mushroom extract world gets complicated, we can break it down for you here(video pop up). Let’s make it easy, our products are:

  • 100% mushroom fruiting bodies, no myceliated grain
  • Lab tested for Beta-glucans 
  • Lab tested for mushroom specific compounds like
    Cordycepin and Triterpenes. 
  • Certified organic 
  • Hot water extracted
    Why Mushrooms?

    Made ya look! Of course Mushrooms! Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years as allies for human health. They help support balance, immunity, restoration, brain function, longevity, energy, and much more in the body.

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Mazatapec by Mondo
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The Magic Mushroom USA Grow Kits are all behind it!

Willie dove headfirst into the mushroom world in 2013 interning for the “world’s largest medicinal mushroom, Mushroom Grow Kits, Mushroom Supplements and Mushroom Extract,  producer” and was shocked to find out they didn’t grow any mushrooms! Just mycelium on grain. Since then he has dedicated himself to learning everything to know about mushrooms and finding the best ways to get the benefits of fungi to people!

How does it taste?

Don’t worry our extracts don’t have a strong taste. They will blend in with your coffee, tea, smoothies, beer, margaritas (UM YES mushroom cocktails!) just fine.

Our mission over the next 3 years is to use our experience as mushroom farmers to become the first company to offer powdered extracts exclusively with mushrooms grown in the US, want to join us?

Are your mushrooms local?

We believe strongly in local agriculture, that’s what got us into growing mushrooms, so we want you to know where your mushrooms come from. Our mushroom grows kits and spawn are grown in Maine. 

Our *liquid* extracts are made from mushrooms cultivated and foraged in Massachusetts. Our Powdered extracts are produced in China. China grows 85% of the mushrooms in the world, outdoors, in the mountainous areas on family farms. They have a long history of growing mushrooms and are REALLY good at it!

We source from China because there are no powdered, extracted options of US-grown mushrooms. It is too expensive to do, which is why US-grown products are mycelium on grain. Mycelium-based products cost less, but the quality and efficacy of the product are greatly diminished. Up to 70% of mycelium-based products are grain, not mushroom tissue.

Our mission over the next 3 years is to use our experience as mushroom farmers to become the first company to offer powdered extracts exclusively with mushrooms grown in the US, want to join us?


We Are Your Favourite Magic Mushroom Growers Online.

We are a group of USA based farmers and Psychedelic enthusiasts who will love to see a free world where everyone can be free to express her/his mind. Over the years we have specialized in the growth and transformation of Mushrooms strains for our own consumption and since we have grown larger we began to commercialize too( Why not make some Money too? Haha!)

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