Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate online

Buy Magic Mushroom Substrate online. A good substrate is essential for growing magic mushrooms ! Make your own magic mushroom substrate and choose for rye grain preparation or for brown rice flower. Better known as the PF-Tek method. Add Perlite for humidity and Vermiculite as a top layer against contamination.

Magic Mushroom Substrate

A mushroom substrate is basically every substance mycelium will grow on. The substrate provides all the nutrition to the mycelium to develop and eventually to grow magic mushrooms.

Most used Mushroom Substrates

An essential substrate for growing magic mushrooms is rye grain, which is referred to as “Starter or Spawn.” Additional mushroom substrates include coffee, brown rice flour, straw, sand dust, manure, and coco coir.

Each mushroom species will need its own unique growing medium. For instance: On Brown Rice flour (BRF) and Rye Grain, Psilocybe Cubensis grows quite well. The components may be combined to create the ideal substrate. As an example, PF TEK is a blend of BRF and Vermiculite.

How to make the best Mushroom Substrates?

The essential quality of a good substrate is the absence of impurities. It requires sterilization or pasteurization. Second, it must have sufficient nutritional content for the mycelium, and third, it must be readily available. Our organic materials are of the finest grade. With these “ingredients,” you can build your own mushroom substrate!

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