Good Trip Chocolate Bars


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INGREDIENTS; Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk, Soy Lecithin, Rice, Vegetable Oil, Palm Oil, Strawberries, Psilocybin Mushrooms Sea Salt, Natural and Artificial color.

CAUTION: Do NOT consume with any illicit drugs, prescription medications, or alcohol. Do NOT drive or operate any heavy machinery and Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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Buy Good Trip Chocolate Bars Online

Buy Good Trip Chocolate Bars Online. Good Trip Chocolate Bars. Don’t you wish mushrooms tasted better? We’re here to grant that wish with our Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar! This tasty, irresistible bar of chocolate contains a total of 3.5g of Magic Mushrooms (.6 gram per chocolate square) and can be broken off into squares for flexible dosage.


It has an Excellent Taste. A chocolate bar that causes you to fall on your face. Why wouldn’t that be the dream? Time to make your dreams a reality. Good Trip Chocolate Bars provide a Pure High. We designed this chocolate bar to deliver a clean high that will not result in a subsequent crash.

With Good Trip Chocolate Bars, you will experience a genuine psychedelic high. Just because it doesn’t taste like mushrooms doesn’t imply it’s not mushrooms. You won’t notice a decline in the quality of your trip; in fact, you may choose for edibles!

Sneaky ? Even while Magic Mushrooms are legal in Canada, it does not always imply you should be seen eating them. If you want to maintain your elegance and discretion, munching on chocolate is the way to go.


Versatile Dosage of Good Trip Chocolate Bars. The combined 3.5g of mushrooms in this chocolate can be broken up for versatile dosage. Each square of this Good Trip chocolate bars contains approximately .6g of Magic Mushrooms, while each bar contains 3.5g. Whether it’s a micro-dose or a full -on journey, this chocolate bar has got you covered.

Firstly, Micro Mini of Good Trip Chocolate Bars 1-3 Pieces is Perfect for starters. It Uplifts mood, slight to mild visuals, slight body high, energetic, and gives a euphoric Experience. Again, Moderate 4-8 pieces Medium to strong visuals, enhanced creativity, noticeable body high. Strong 9-12 Pieces Intense visual and auditory effects with major changes to your thoughts, cognition, perception and mood

Epic 13-15++ Pieces gives Extreme Visuals and effects, out of body experience. Start with 1-3 pieces to assess your individual tolerance. You can increase the dosage as desired; However, most people find 1-3 pieces is the ideal dosage.

Here’s a great idea, on the house! Go on a cookout with some friends, enjoy some smoky BBQ and wash it down with some Magic Mushroom Chocolate for dessert. You’ll be thanking us when the whole gang starts peaking!


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