Phoenix Oyster Grain Spawn


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Buy Phoenix Oyster Grain Spawn online.

Buy Phoenix Oyster Grain Spawn online. Pleurotus pulminarius. The phoenix oyster, also known as the Italian oyster, is an interesting oyster mushroom species to grow. A firm mushroom with a meat-like flavor. Rapidly growing and vigorous on numerous substrates, the Phoenix Oyster is one of the most reliable strains of culinary mushroom.

About Grain Spawn

Grain spawn is sold in quart jar or 6-qt case quantities. It is produced by inoculating whole grains with mushroom mycelium. Grain spawn is vigorous and ready to ‘leap’ onto new substrates used for growing mushrooms.

When to Use Grain Spawn

Grain spawn should be used to inoculate bulk substrates such as cornstalks, coffee grounds, straw, or other organic material. Grain spawn allows for even distribution throughout a substrate while offering the mycelium a ‘grain’ of energy from which to expand. Each mushroom variety should be matched with one of its preferred substrates to ensure successful fruiting.

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