Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn


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Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn For Sale. Our pure mushroom grain spawn comes fully colonized and ready to expand. We grow the grain spawn in  6-lb filter patch bags.

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Buy Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn online.

Buy Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn online. Our pure mushroom grain spawn comes fully colonized and ready to expand. We grow the grain spawn in  6-lb filter patch bags.

Skill levelBeginner
Grow locationIndoors
Spawn shelf life6 months (refrigerated)
Flavor profileBitter, woody; recommended for stocks, tinctures, and teas
CertificationsUSDA certified organic
Bag weight6 lbs

Reishi Mushroom Grain Spawn for sale

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) yields attractive, waxy, reddish-brown, shelf-like fruiting bodies that are highly valued for their medicinal characteristics. Due to its harsh taste and coarse texture, it is not advised for use in food. However, it is great for dehydration and the production of powders, teas, and stocks.

Additionally, it may be extracted and turned into tincture. Reishi is good for novices since it does not need a fruiting chamber with added humidity. This is due to the fact that it spends its whole growth cycle in the bag. Reishi grain spawn may be utilized for indoor production with sterile substrate made from sawdust. Don’t use grain spawn to inoculate logs.


If you do not intend to use your spawn immediately, you may refrigerate it for up to six months.


Reishi is bitter and coarse in texture. Due to this, we do not advocate its use in cooking. However, the plant may be dried and used to make teas and powders. Additionally, it may be extracted to manufacture tinctures.


Our grain spawn is organically certified by the USDA and is produced using organic cultures from our own culture bank. It features a combination of organic, non-GMO grains and supplements derived from New England and North American farmers.

Cautions & considerations

If you want to consume homegrown mushrooms, ensure that you cook them properly with heat. If you are consuming this species for the first time, you should begin with a modest quantity to test for allergies, even if it is cooked.

Indoor Cultivation

Reishi mushroom grain spawn can be mixed into sterilized hardwood sawdust to create reishi substrate blocks. Note: Grain spawn must be mixed with bulk substrate before you can fruit it. If you are new to mushroom cultivation, we recommend purchasing a book on mushroom cultivation if you are interested in pursuing this style of mushroom production as a hobby or profession.

Temperature Guide

Colonization Temps70-80 degrees F
Fruiting Temps70-80 degrees F
CO2 Sensitivity20,000-40,000 ppm


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