Ten Reasons Why people take magic Mushrooms

As scientists continue to discover more about enchanted mushrooms, they are regularly featured in the news. More information about their remarkable therapeutic properties. The FDA recently designated them as a “breakthrough” drug for treating depression, and as a result, laws regarding magic mushrooms and other psychedelic substances are gradually relaxing. Suddenly, it appears that everyone is discussing magic mushrooms, and more people than ever are eager to try them. We have compiled a list of the most compelling reasons why people feel drawn to experience the magic of mushrooms for themselves.

# 1 – They’re Physically Safe


Mushrooms are one of the safest recreational drugs available, as they are gentle on the body and not physically or psychologically addictive. For the majority of individuals, magic mushrooms have no long-term adverse health effects. According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey, only 0.2% of mushroom users sought emergency medical care, making them the safest drug surveyed. Simply put, the myth that psychedelic drugs are inherently dangerous is a myth.

#2 – They Open Your Mind

It may sound like a cliche to say that psychedelics expand the mind, but according to several recent studies, magic mushrooms do exactly that. Using neuroimaging techniques, scientists have discovered that psilocybin, the primary active ingredient in magic mushrooms, causes our brains to behave quite differently than usual. Psilocybin acts on serotonin systems and neurotransmitters to shut down repetitive (and frequently mundane or negative) thought patterns, directly affecting the Default Mode Network. In other words, psilocybin creates new neural pathways and improves communication between different parts of the brain, resulting in a broader perspective. 

#3 – They Can Help You Be Creative

Throughout history, writers, musicians, artists, and even scientists have sought creative inspiration from psychedelics. The connection between psychedelics and art in contemporary culture is fairly well documented. It is well-known that magic mushrooms can help you think creatively outside the box, and they can take your imagination to the next level.

Preliminary research indicates that microdosing can facilitate creativity and productivity by enhancing cognitive flexibility and receptivity. Mushrooms also stimulate certain regions of the brain responsible for processing sensory information, which may improve visual and auditory function. A 2021 study found that while under the influence, it was difficult for users to act on their creative thoughts and ideas. Participants reported that their creative thoughts continued throughout the week and that they had the clarity to act on them a week later.

# 4 – They Make You More Empathetic

Psilocybin increases emotional empathy and can help you feel more connected to others, according to all studies examining the relationship between magic mushrooms and empathy. In addition, academic results indicate that the effects persist after the trip. One report concluded, “Empathy is better for society, and magic mushrooms promote prosocial behavior,” implying that the use of psychedelics can lead to a more connected society, since empathy is such a vital component of human relationships.

# 5 – They Can Help with Some Mental Health Conditions

Regarding the efficacy of psilocybin in treating mental health conditions, the results have been remarkable. It has been demonstrated that psychedelic-assisted therapy helps terminal patients with PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and end-of-life anxiety. Since the FDA designated psilocybin as a breakthrough drug for the treatment of mental health conditions, psilocybin therapy is becoming more accessible in Europe and the United States, and a growing body of research supports the substance’s therapeutic potential.

# 6 – They Make You Feel More Connected to Yourself and the Universe

Numerous mushroom users report having profound spiritual or mystical experiences. This type of profound occurrence frequently involves ego death, the dissolution of space and time, transcendence or interconnectedness, internal and external unity or universal oneness, and feelings of transcendence or interconnectedness.

This is a huge draw for many people to try psychedelics, as these substances can be a catalyst for entering altered states of consciousness and making you feel a part of something much larger. These mystical experiences can be extraordinarily transformative and provide you with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose in life.

# 7 – They Can Help You Overcome Addictions

In a 2016 study, scientists investigated whether psilocybin could assist individuals in overcoming tobacco addiction. Eighty percent of the group quit smoking, and twelve months later, 67 percent of the non-smokers remained. In addition, there is evidence that mushrooms can help with alcohol and opioid addiction.

#8 – Even The Bad Trips Are Good

Within the psychedelic community, it is widely accepted that there is no such thing as a bad trip. Even during the most difficult (or simply unpleasant) psychedelic experiences, there are numerous valuable lessons to be learned. Increasing numbers of people are turning to magic mushrooms for self-improvement and healing, and while this is not always a pleasant process, it turns out that the most challenging trips can result in the most profound shifts.

Psychedelics frequently serve as mirrors, reflecting aspects of ourselves that we would prefer to conceal. It’s possible that a bad trip is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something, or a difficult experience could have been precipitated by the fact that you did not consider setting and plot before embarking on your journey. It is essential to examine and question your perception of what a “bad trip” entails!

# 9 – They Boost Your Mood and Outlook

Psilocybin acts on receptors that govern our mood and maintain our equilibrium. The chemicals in fungus have several neurological effects, including an increase in serotonin (the mood-regulating neurotransmitter) and anandamide levels (another neurotransmitter that affects mood). Psilocybin has also been demonstrated to interact with mood-regulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine and GABA.

Psychedelic mushrooms may help you cope with stress more effectively and enhance your view on life. Various advantages and improvements in anxiety, sadness, and PTSD have been linked by research to magic mushrooms. Many individuals also utilize microdosing to regulate their emotions and find relief from anxiety and despair.

# 10 – They Can Help You Make Positive Changes in Your Life

It is evident from this list that magic mushrooms can provide you with some of the tools you need to make positive changes in your life. They enable you to take a step back and reflect, make your brain more adaptable, and can even assist you in discovering a higher purpose. Whether it’s being more creative and innovative, overcoming addictions, or simply being more empathetic towards others, magic mushrooms can support your journey of self-discovery and development.

Note: If you have a mental illness and are interested in psilocybin or any other psychedelic therapy, please consult a qualified medical professional first. When using psychedelics as medicine, it is essential to have the appropriate support and guidance. This entry was posted in Recent News, News, and Science and tagged trip, shrooms, Psychedelic Experience, mushrooms, magic-mushrooms-shop.nl, magic mushrooms shop, magic mushrooms, magic mushrooms shop, magic mushrooms, grow magic mushrooms, effects, drugs, Cubensis.

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What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Psychedelic mushrooms are a species of fungus renowned for its psychoactive properties. These wonderful natural items, also known as shrooms, psychedelic mushrooms, and psilocybin mushrooms, may elicit interesting physical and mental reactions, along with a variety of therapeutic advantages, when taken. Across civilizations, magic mushrooms have been used for spiritual, religious, and therapeutic reasons for thousands of years. Now, Canadian consumers can purchase magic mushrooms online and experience their mind-expanding and creativity-enhancing effects in a safe and easy manner.

The majority of magic mushrooms contain significant concentrations of psilocybin and psilocin; however, many also include additional hallucinogenic compounds. You may microdose magic mushrooms for a gentler, more controllable experience. ingesting magic mushrooms can result in an extraordinary psychedelic experience that lasts for many hours.

Effects and Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

Numerous psychonauts utilize psilocybin mushrooms for their psychoactive effects. Even a tiny dose of magic mushrooms can enhance your creativity, senses, and mood. This can make all sorts of activities seem more entertaining and engaging, and some individuals even find that shrooms enhance their work performance.

Mushrooms can induce fascinating auditory and visual hallucinations at higher doses. In addition, they can distort your perception of time and reality and induce a state of euphoria. Many users of magic mushrooms report having spiritual or life-altering experiences. Medicinal properties have also been lauded for magic mushrooms. Psilocybin, for instance, can bind to serotonin receptors and improve mood, resulting in decreased anxiety and depression. Research also indicates that psilocybin mushrooms can aid in the treatment of addiction.

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